Taking advantage of Christmas, Nigeria's Federal Government is trying to speedrun a controversial bill through the House of Representatives on Wednesday…
Something truly abominable is happening in Southern Kaduna. Join Beevan Magoni as he explores the depths of hell in Nigeria's Middle Belt.
Who exactly is the presidential candidate of Nigeria's ruling party? The results of several subpoenas have revealed forged documents, identity theft…
Pablo Escobar once famously planned to become Colombia's president. While he eventually failed, the ultimate Narco Trafficker's dream could be coming to…
In 1955, a 33 year-old Islamic scholar from Gummi in modern day Zamfara State, Nigeria, travelled to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage…
Nepotism, bullying, HR malpractice and a livestreamed suicide attempt. Inside BBC West Africa's trail of destruction from Lagos to Dakar.
There is a problem with Nigerian banking, and it's worse than you think. Much worse.
For years, a shadowy Chinese loan shark syndicate has torn a trail of havoc across weakly regulated West African jurisdictions. Finally, we get to see…
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